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100% Yak

The Shambala Series, our most luxurious collection, uses the finest yak down from each year’s harvest. The fabric is ultra-soft, does not pill, and provides ultimate warmth at sub-zero temperatures.



Our Athletic Series is a blend of yak, Tencel, and other innovative sustainable materials. Tencel is unique in that it can be used in place of other regenerated cellulose fibers such as viscose rayon as it is a high-tenacity cellulosic fiber. Tencel is comprised of pulp from trees that is dissolved into a non-toxic organic solvent. The solvent is recycled in a closed-loop process – more than 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused.

Himalayan Double-Faced Fabric

50% Yak/ 50% Wool

The Himalayan Series combines two beautiful natural fibers, yak and wool. The resilience of wool and the softness of yak creates a durable and easy to wear fabric.



Recycling is a key factor for circular economy. EcoMarine Series is comprised of recycled PET and premium yak down - taking the best of natural fibers and giving new life to recycled materials.



Shoton Series is comprised of 3 natural and sustainable fibers, yak, organic cotton, and hemp. Hemp is known as one of textile’s most sustainable fibers in the industry.

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